Fedora 40 and GNOME 46 headless RDP

Yes, it’s finally here!

I know there’s tons of workarounds for remoting into a Fedora installation, but being able to do it on a fresh install is such a relief. Thank you GNOME 46 and thank you Fedora 40.

But wait, it doesn’t work?

Yeah, I know. It’s Linux, so first you need to hack some configs in the terminal. Lol.

Edit the SELinux config file as described below

sudo nano /etc/selinux/config 
  1. Find the row that says selinux=enforcing
  2. Replace it with selinux=permissive
  3. Then restart the system with sudo reboot
  4. Once up again, SSH into the machine and run sestatus and make sure "Current mode: permissive" is there.
  5. Then you need to enter the GUI to enable RDP under Settings. Once it’s active you should now be able to RDP into your machine, wether you’re logged in or not.

Good times! 🎉

Solution originally found at c-nergy. Thanks!